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About B.Properties

Serving Texas Since 2002

Here at B.Properties, we have many years of experience under our belts. The economy is healthy, and the real estate market in Texas is HOT...therefore, there are many new agents entering our market with little experience. This is exciting for Texas, except when that new agent is not receiving the training and mentorship to guide them on the right paths. While we are individual Realtors here, we commit ourselves to working together to be the best team we can be. We do this by staying up to date with trends, rules/regulations, and sharing what we learn from each transaction!

State of the Art Service

What is the most important attribute, other than experience and knowledge, that most people look for in a Realtor? The desire and ability to communicate effectively. This means being available and guiding you through the steps of a sale...explaining the how's and the why's of a real estate transaction. It's never cut-and-dry...each sale is a little bit different. We are here to anticipate those differences, and manage your expectations!

B.Properties Cares

We've been there. We have bought and sold our own homes and properties. Being in this industry, we're not immune to the emotions and expectations so common with each transaction. As our client, you are not simply a paycheck to us. We will live the process together, as your trusted friend and advisor.  Meet our team today!